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The Violet Click Beetle (Limoniscus violaceus)

It is a rare elaterid species dependent on basal tree hollows. It is considered endangered in Europe and protected within the ‘Habitats Directive’. In the Czech Republic, the beetle is considered as critically endangered, it can only be found in about six separate locations there. The populations of the beetle are isolated, often condemned to a single forest stand or a few trees. Larvae of the violet click beetle develop in basal tree hollows where there is wood mould in contact with soil. The beetle needs large hollows in an advanced stage of decay which are very rare in today’s landscape. The lack of basal hollows represents an actual threat for the beetle. In the past, basal hollows were common features in coppice woods, where they developed in coppice stools, or in traditional wood-pastures with open-grown hollowed trees.

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