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Habitat requirements of model species

Throughout the past intensive forest management or in modern days, lack of proper management has led to sharp decline in abundance of many protected species that are confined to small sites with very localized distribution. Despite their vulnerability, their biology and requirements are not fully known. Often, their cryptic life and rarity can be a major offset in the identification of main habitat features. Once assessed, habitat preferences and indicators should lead to developing decision rules for monitoring and habitat management of these species. We are interested in rare habitats, such as veteran trees and pasture woodlands that are associated with them and host a diverse array of other species. Our studies show the emphasis should be put on more traditional management practices, such as coppicing and pollarding that promote restoration of wood pastures and open forest canopy to support veteran trees formation, as an abandonment of pastures has led to the disappearance of large, old trees.

Members involved

Lukáš Čížek, Pavel Šebek, Michaela Helclová, Dmitry Shovkun

Related papers

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